Woman of Colour (The Bar 1.5)

In a washed out world of black and white where
People are one thing and that thing only,
Comes a woman with a million hues. A
Rainbow of rainbows. The unicorn who
Runs with horses. Never to be ridden.
Never to be fully revealed if seen
Only through a filter of your own thoughts
And emotions. She is the Blindfold of
Justice. The Arbiter between Good and
Evil. The Voice of Reason. Divider
Of Right and Wrong. Moral Compass. She holds
Your thoughts in her womb, where they hold court and
When roused she tumbles them against the walls
Of her belly, echoing to you their
Intirinsic value before her salient
Parturition. The Mother of Society.
She is Black, She is Brown and She is White.


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