Love Is Hardcore

I say love is something that he cannot
Afford. He said riches and gems he has
Aplenty, Diamonds to build an empty
Heart, Rubies as corpuscles and Silk to
Contain this flow of material wealth. He
Claimed this the greatest seducer of men
And women; see how readily they shed
Their clothes like onion skin. I said although
He buys their bodies, their flesh, he never
Would be rich enough to own their love with
His heart of Precious gems and Silken skin.

I say love is sweet and hardcore like the
Fruits of the date palm dipped in honey.
He said to love a woman is soft and
Hustled for by the weak and the needy
But he is none of those. He named himself
The man who kills lions barehanded and
Proceeds to lay with lionesses. His
Strength a thing of legend and his name a
Metaphor for bravery. What is love to
A man like him but a burden unneeded?
I name him a coward. He who’d rather
Desecrate, plunder, but is too weak for
Surrender and love is nothing but that.
The Greatest form of sacrifice there is.


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