Sleep was stolen from me.
Finances discussed.
And agreed upon.
Lose yourself.
In my incoherence.

Peaches begun this.
Glitches in life.
A walk on water.
Surface tension.
Spontaneous beliefs.
Methinks a rethink.
Suicidal ideologies.
Blunt knife edges.
Onion-induced tears.
Heartbreak next door.
I love you still.
Peter pan’s delusion.
Pituitary glands.
Puberty and armpits.
Hollowed out minds.
Mosquitoes love ears.
Iron-binding proteins.
Graduated cylinders.
Overflowing joy.
Bittersweet closure.



The sun rises to greet a world
Hidden beneath the veil of fog
And protected from her fiery eye
By infinite motes of dust
Dancing on the northern wind.
Droplets of water coat the grass
But the air chafes my trachea
And my lips are raw and cracked
Like a breaking heart…

By noon, the sun sits atop the sky
Blazing with her yellow radiance
And the clouds glow in her presence.
She passes on to all life her blessing
Of unconditional presence and the
Burden of a love burning too hot.
Sometimes the clouds coalesce and
Drift towards her trying to involve
Her in a great atmospheric orgy
Of gases, particles and energy.
She might be regal and unwavering,
Ignoring her consorts completely.
Other times, she gets distracted,
Giving in to their demands while
We beneath clamour for cuddles
Like the weather’s for two…

Dusk is indescribably beautiful
Like your first true love…
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
My uncle told me once,
Not in these little words
That i shall tell you now,
About the death of the stars.
He told me about nights
That had a million pinpricks
Of light showering down
On the earth beneath and the
Moon felt like a stone throw away.
He felt that these days
Someone was sewing up
The heavenly fabric and shutting off
Those little holes in the sky…