Midas vs Medusa: Chapter 4 – Climax

When does a war climax?
In preparation for battle?
The anticipation, misgivings
Reminisces and misplaced
Hope for the future?
What exactly is
The climax of a battle?
The roar and the screams
As men become rumbling
Beasts thirsty for blood?
The rain of arrows or
The feel of steel?
Thrilling and fleeting…

As two mortals undress for
Battle, the gods wager
On the outcome as they
Seem to have lost the thread
In the weave of fate…

His every touch creates a
Ripple of gold on her
Skin, spreading into waves
Of desire that crash against
The rock of her will,
Weathering it down.
Her riposte is subtle
Aggression, a change of
Stance and the release
Of insidious pheromones
Robbing him his desire
To leave. Subsuming him
In her curved and silky terrain
Marked with erogenous landmarks
And a prized fountain
Promising to squirt orgasms.
Here, Midas kneels and drinks
Deeply trying to satisfy
an insatiable urge, not to
Sate his thirst, but to please
The fountain. He drinks and
The landscape heaves as
The fabric of the fountain
Contracts rhythmically
Spraying Midas with its
Alkaline water of life…

The gods sit, enraptured,
Watching the battle unfold.
The odds remained even
As two bodies promised the
Telling of a story untold…

Midas wields a spear
With a shaft criss-crossed
With veins like rivulets of gold.
Medusa has no armour,
Medusa has no weapons,
Every inch of her body is
Trained in this artful dance
Of deadly seduction.
For every thrust
There’s a parry;
A subtle shift in stance;
Hip reverse rotation;
A break in motion;
An overt change in position.
They become as animals:
Searching for primal satisfaction.
He bites, She scratches.
He snarls, She moans.
The two become indistinct,
Flowing in and out of each other
That it sometimes may seem
Even to a trained eye
That Medusa has the spear
And Midas lays unarmed;
That Medusa is sculpted of gold
And Midas frozen into stone…

In the heavens above
The clouds still weep,
In the heaven above that
The gods moan and groan
As Mortals and immortals climax.


Her legs – Samuel Kwarus

Because something must kill a man…

Kwarus' Blog

Have you seen her legs?
Well straightened and
A little curved at the bottom
When its wrapped around you
Your soul drifts away
When she catwalks
It makes me quiver down my spine
I took one look and I know
I was seeing trouble
Oh I need a glass of water
I can’t afford too many looks
Because she’s so tempting
She is what can kill a man
But I have made up my mind
That I’ll die in her arms
Because something must kill a man

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