Slade's Cave


We’re all equals before Fate
both heroes and villains
come the final day, the final hour
evil and good are blurred
and there is but scythe and darkness

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A Naked Woman

I saw a woman
Taller than mountains
With scars like fissures
Or dry lake basins.

I saw a woman’s heart
Older than a forest
But burning like wildfire
Purging evergreen scars
Leaving her roots untouched.

I saw a woman
Complexion like coal.
Was that why I burned
With every contact?

I saw a woman’s body
Like a forgotten temple
Devoid of any worshippers
But the only sacrilege
Was not her forgetfulness,
It was my gaining entrance.

I saw a woman
Corn rows on her head
Scalp dirty like loam
Smell like petrichor.

I saw a woman with a mind
Sharper than elephant grass blades
Whisper to me of love and lust
Like they were moth caterpillars
Blunting the edges of those stalks
‘Till I made them pupate and hatch.
Adults mating their lives away.

I saw a woman
Eyes the brown of dirt
Trap me in her gaze
And steal my body.

I saw a woman who bared her soul
Promise that baring mine and sloughing
Off our ephemeral bodies we
Can sever our worldly tethers and
Call forth the first of our little deaths.
There are no murders in paradise
She said as she offered oblivion
In her embrace. I offered solace.

I saw a woman,
Blowing me kisses
With yellow-white teeth,
Smile her crooked smile.

There is beauty and there is beauty, yet
There is no such thing as imperfection.
You are the perfect copy of yourself.
I told her this as I held her and my
Fingers traced her body’s contours while I
Smoothed over her mental depressions.
Darkness is just the absence of light and
Absence makes the heart grow fonder I said
While lifting the shadows weighing her down.

I saw a woman…
I saw that woman…