“With my closing eyes… I see?
With my beating heart… I feel?
With my thinking mind… I be?
With my living soul… I’m free.”

. . .
I be torch lighting dark
I be angel golden halo
I be devil female advocate
I be poisoned chalice kiss
I be dying man last breath
I be green budding from soil
I be promise of true love
I be shattered tomorrow
I be cybersex orgasm
I be lovers final embrace
. . .
Become what you be.
Imitate. Define. Design.
Row boat gently down stream.
Tributary to lake unseen.
Life be pool of memories.
Swim. Drink. Dive deep.
Hold breath long enough.
Surface from dream.



Electricity is his lifeblood
A nuclear reactor generates
Infinite power for life.
Grease lubricating his joints
As his limbs move with
The robotic efficiency of
A hydraulic pump system.
Plexus of electrical wires
Connected to a myriad of
Hair-thin Optical fibres that
Are sensitive to external
And internal stimuli granting
Him a mechanical homeostasis.
CPU of a billion microprocessors
Coordinating individual programs
And ensuring all processes run
Together in unity as a system.
A 1000-megapixel camera
Recording its 4D reality to be
Stored in a hard drive.
Epitome of rational thinking
Immune to all human emotions.
Infected with love.
Steal heart. Stolen.