Midas vs Medusa: Chapter 2 – Medusa

A body with no senescence
Halted at the peak of youth
Lips the red of bleeding life
Lustful desire in her eyes
Same desire between her thighs
Goddesses cloud the sky
Grey with their envy
The gods let their passion
Precipitate as liquid need
Need and envy together
Creates a gloomy pall over all

In this city of sin
A red-light district is seen as holy
Her home is Sanctum Sanctorum
She is consecrated as
An idol to be worshipped
Bathed with bodily fluids
Saliva, sweat and semen
Coin is sacrificed
To appease the idol
When the fluids do not
Only few leave no sacrifices

Sometimes she rages
Acute bouts of unabashed fury
Mortals tremble and flee
The gods remain stoic
But avoid her reptile gaze
The world is frozen
As though set in stone
Her fury something pure
Without direction, unbiased
Gaia whimpers in her sleep
Till her rage runs it course

No worshippers today
Desire numb, lust asleep
The calm before the storm
She sits on the window sill
A state of déshabillé
In diaphanous silks
Listening to the moans
Leaking through the floorboards
A dreamy fragile serenity
Permeates the fabric of her being
Till it was shattered
By the knock on her door


Midas vs Medusa: Chapter 1 – The City

In a city of men and lesser beings
Of women and greater things
Animals of the basest desires
Each their own niche
And one microcosm seeking the others
Until an equilibrium is reached

A city of fallen heroes
Of buried gods
And mortals playing with their bones

A city pregnant with vice
What she thinks is new life
Is a malignant tumour of hate
Carcinogens of murdered hope
Regenerating in an endless cycle

And in this putrid pit of humanity
A battlefield is being prepared
As Medusa awaits Midas’s arrival